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This show is for revolutionary leaders who walk into the unknown because the known and predictable paths established are no longer enough. They are too small for who we are becoming, individually, and collectively. We live in a time when the shadows reflected through hierarchical systems of power-over and domination are being exposed. This trickling effect of power-over tactics has caused a dangerous form of domestication, oppression, repression of personal power, marginalization, disembodiment, and fear-based striving through consuming and accumulating. How do we, individually and collectively, • dismantle the ways we have become domesticated and oppressed? • take responsibility for how the oppression has innocently been turned into specific forms of personal repression, high states of anxiety, depression, anger, and aggression towards others or ourselves? • cultivate the inner stillness necessary to express our power and creativity with integrity, love, and unfettered passion? Embodied power is the evolutionary path of raising consciousness. To know the full expression of our power, we must reclaim our lost wildness and our primal, heart-body wisdom. This is a show about the on-going human experience of losing center and then remembering our home within -- in spite of the hardships and heartbreaks in our lives. It’s about the heroic journey of embracing the unknown, befriending our shadows and choosing love over fear – as often as we can. And, it’s about welcoming ourselves back into our hearts after we make mistakes, lose control and behave from our wounds and fear. We are not alone -- we do this together – one brave and wholehearted act at a time. We need each other’s courage and stories to keep walking through the mysterious and circuitous path of evolutionary awakening. What would it be like to create a world in which we celebrate our wounds and adaptive strategies as doorways into our wholeness, rather than feeling ashamed of them?

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